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Paint Detackification 
Products and Programs

During the last decade, the Automotive industry has increasingly demonstrated a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. Many programs and procedures have been put in place to reduce the consumption of natural resources and associated emissions and waste. Today, more than ever, the challenges of the global economic environment demand that the industry must work even harder to meet sustainability targets and financial goals.

Every automotive plant has environmental management practices in place which aim to reduce freshwater use and minimize waste production. Effective paint detackification is critical to clean booth operations, increased return water and minimized sludge haul-off. Optimized paint sludge solids increase recycled clean booth return water which reduces total water consumption. Higher paint solids also result in less waste volume and weight, reducing waste contribution to the environment and the total cost of waste management.

Keeping the total cost of operations and performance at the forefront of sludge management, Nalco Water paint detackification products and programs have been successfully implemented in over 35 North American automotive plants.

Total Paint Booth Management

Paint detackification is one of many critical components of Total Paint Booth Management. Automotive paint shops involve a wide array of process areas that require close monitoring and control to achieve efficient paint shop operations. Learn more about the process areas of the paint shop Nalco Water can help to optimize.

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