Our Vision for Clean Water

Why is Clean Water Important

The demand for fresh water is expected to surpass supply by 40 percent within the next decade – placing urgent pressure on businesses to rethink the way water resources are managed, for their own good and for the good of their customers and communities. To address these challenges, businesses around the world are setting ambitious water conservation goals; Ecolab helps them achieve those goals.

Improving Water Efficiency

Ecolab helps customers do more, using less water – improving the heating and cooling, industrial processing, wastewater treatment, and cleaning and sanitizing processes.

Innovative Water Technologies

Ecolab employs innovative water technologies, real-time data and monitoring, water management software tools, water treatment services and chemistries to help customers implement industrial water conservation efforts to reduce fresh water use, re-use and recycle water to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost of operation, pretreat water to meet environmental discharge standards, treat water for public health and safety, and to protect and prolong asset life.

Water Resilience Coalition image
Working Together to Protect Our World’s Water

In celebration of World Water Day, Ecolab announced its membership in the new Water Resilience Coalition, an industry-driven initiative of the United Nations Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate. The Coalition aims to elevate global water stress to the top of the corporate agenda and preserve the world’s freshwater resources through collective action in water-stressed basins and ambitious, quantifiable commitments.

Member companies will commit to a water resilience pledge and will work together to accomplish goals centered on: 

  • A net positive water impact
  • Water resilient value chains
  • Raising the ambition of water resilience through public and corporate outreach

Water Treatment Success Stories

Learn how Ecolab partners with customers in clean water management to conserve fresh water, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Water Innovations

Explore our water technologies and innovations that can help you reach your clean water goals.

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Water Resources

Ecolab is a leader in clean water management with tools, resources, and experts to help you conserve water and optimize water quality.

Water Risk Monetizer

The Water Risk Monetizer provides actionable information to help businesses understand water-related risks and quantify risks in financial terms.

Emilio Tentuta, VP corporate sustainability, water resource expert
Water Experts

Our water experts help develop solutions for safety and success across all of our businesses, reaching customers worldwide.

Exponential Value

Our solutions helps customers achieve ambitious business and environmental goals. Lasting change is accelerated when economic and environmental benefits align.

Legionella Risk
Managing Legionella Risk

Water is not sterile. It can harbor bacteria such as Legionella, which can cause severe illness and even death. Recent outbreaks have taught us that Legionella is not specific to any geographic area and that no industry is immune from outbreaks.

Water University by Nalco Water, logo
Water University

Nalco Water has created a comprehensive program with a range of educational resources including eLearning and hands-on operator training in a new, high-tech learning environment at our Naperville campus.

Smart Water Navigator logo water conservation goals
Smart Water Navigator

Many companies have water reduction goals, but most don’t know how to achieve them. The Ecolab Smart Water Navigator is a practical online tool to bridge that gap, facility by facility.

Water Videos

Watch videos that demonstrate Ecolab’s commitment to clean water access.

Clean Water For Future Generations

Watch as John Holden of the nationally syndicated Discovery Channel series "Earth" visits Naperville, Illinois to investigate how Nalco Water is helping companies save water for our planet.

Ecolab Values in Action

For most students, school supplies include a backpack, some pencils and a few notebooks. At a school in Cebu, Philippines, each student has to bring a gallon of water to school – every day. Jimmy Espos, an engineer for Nalco Water, didn't think access to water should be something students had to worry about - so he came up with a solution.

Water Conservation Goals

Ecolab’s commitment to clean water conservation includes setting ambitious goals.

Water Footprint
Reducing Our Own Water Footprint

We are committed to reducing water use in our own operations. We’ve saved millions of gallons of water across our facilities by implementing an innovative program designed to conserve water, energy and wastewater while prolonging equipment life.

Water Solutions

Learn how Ecolab offers innovative water management solutions to help customers conserve water to increase operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, lower environmental impact, and protect public health and safety, and prolong equipment life.

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