Sekusept MultiEnzyme 2L EU 310 x 550px Pack Shot

Sekusept™ Multienzyme

Enzymatic Pre-Cleaning of Medical Devices Including Flexible Endoscopes

Cleaning of medical instruments and endoscopes is a pre-condition for an effective disinfection.

The well selected combination of 4 enzymes with surfactants and other ingredients of Sekusept MultiEnzyme offers you an excellent cleaning performance for all kinds of medical instruments including flexible endoscopes.

Product Details

Sekusept MultiEnzyme is also:

  • Material compatible due to the neutral pH
  • Time saving as it avoids re-cleaning
  • Cost effective with low in-use concentration

Fast – Sekusept MultiEnzyme offers efficient and thorough cleaning. This helps you to reduce time for cleaning and avoids recleaning.

Simple – Sekusept MultiEnzyme combines a unique blend of surfactants as well as Protease, lipase and amylase enzymes to help break down protein, fat and starch. The low foaming formulation supports an easy rinsing and high visibility of instrumentation. The transparent blue color indicates when product has been added.

Economical – Sekusept MultiEnzyme can be used at low concentrations in the range of 0.3% (3ml / Liter) to 2% (20ml / Liter), meaning less product needs to be used per cycle.

Application area

For the manual cleaning of medical instruments including flexible endoscopes and accessories e.g. surgical instruments and rigid endoscopes, MIC - instruments.

Instructions for use

  • Depending on type and degree of soiling, create a solution of 0.3% (3ml / L) - 2% (20ml / L) in clean tap water.
  • Immerse instruments ensuring all surfaces are completely wet.
  • Clean items according to instrument manufacturer’s instruction, including mechanical action (e.g.: brushing, wiping) until visual clean.
  • If used in ultrasonic bath, keep bath covered during sonification.
  • Rinse with at least drinking water quality and dry the external surfaces and internal channels (e.g.: of endoscopes) afterwards.


Proteases, Amylases, Lipases, Surfactants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Solvents, Auxiliary agents, Emulsifiers.


Dangerous – respect the precautions for use (drawn up according to the European rules in force regarding the classification and labelling of chemical products).
Storage: between +5°C and +25°C.

Medical device.

For professional use only.

For more information: please refer to the product label/SDS.

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